LISON OUELLETTE is founder and president of Lison Design.


With more than thirty years of interior design experience, Lison has created a diverse and memorable portfolio of successful residential and commercial projects. She specializes in the design of home environments and hospitality spaces. As the firm’s principal designer,  Lison places uniqueness, personalization and instant recognizability at the core of her client-centred design philosophy. Her guidance illuminates the essential character of each client’s home or business, refining the client’s vision and transforming their ideas into captivating, comfortable, and functionally sophisticated environments.


After receiving her interior design diploma, Lison became lead designer in a firm specializing in commercial environments. She went on to create innovative designs featured in successful residential and business projects across Canada, Portugal, New York and in California. Early in her career, Lison’s exceptional customer service garnered her the “Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award” from the Chamber of Commerce serving Québec’s largest region. She communicates her passion for design fluently in English and French.


Lison’s artistic spirit helps her draw easily on a diverse array of styles. This allows her to energize the client’s unique cultural and personal vision to create welcoming and moving environments that honour and enhance the character and soul of each residence or business. Lison’s uniquely passionate approach to design maximizes the creative and artistic potential of every project while maintaining the highest standards of business professionalism. A deep commitment to remaining at the innovative forefront of her field takes Lison on regular learning and inspirational trips to Europe, especially Milan, where she immerses herself in the latest styles, designs, concepts and materials. Lison devotes remarkable energy and insight to every project, and is committed to creating an utterly unique and memorable design for every client.

Lison Ouellette

President / Interior and Furniture Designer

Photo Credit: Riam Photography