Every home can truly be unique and totally personalized.

We create design solutions that unveil the full potential of a space with artistic intuition and exceptional skills in spatial expression, ensuring the perfect synthesis of art and function in every project.

Our mission is to create design solutions that unveil the full potential of your space. We draw upon a broad and eclectic mix of styles to capture and express the character of your residence – your home, as we turn your dream into reality. Our core design philosophy is to preserve and enhance our client’s vision through a collaborative process while ensuring that each space is distinctly personalized and remarkably functional. The result is a home environment that is as welcoming and revitalizing as it is beautiful.
Lison Design creates home environments that complement your lifestyle, personality and family dynamic, creating a deeply resonant atmosphere in your dwelling. We help you navigate a world of design options and trends while preserving a central vision that matches your taste, style, culture and budget.

We build upon and reinforce our clients’ instincts to maximize satisfaction and value, while ensuring a deep personal connection to your home environment. Our design team also provides the in-depth knowledge of products and materials that clients need to fully appreciate their unique selections. Lison Design has created design solutions for a diverse clientele. We have shaped environments specialized for wheelchairs, the seeing impaired and elderly clients. We also take special care to involve children in the design of their personal spaces, dramatically impacting their contentment, independence, and concentration on studies and hobbies. Our team builds long-term relationships with clients and provides solutions that grow with you as your home and family evolve.

Our commitment to the client continues long after the core project is complete, as we are happily available to answer the special design questions that can arise at any time.
We measure our success by our long list of clients who come to us everytime the wish to renew their homes. At Lison Design, we are dedicated to continuous learning and are leaders in the progressive use of diverse spatial concepts, styles and cultural influences. We uphold the highest standard of business and artistic integrity, giving busy clients peace of mind that the mood and atmosphere they dream of for their residence will become reality.



A Sampling of Our Residential Design Projects


Downtown Vancouver, BC

Project over 500 sq ft

About This Project

Rooms to design: Entrance – Kitchen – Dining room – Living room – Bathroom – Corridor

Style: Contemporary – Scandinave

Color: The wife loves the freshness of aqua and the husband want some red

Custom Furniture

Custom furniture: Swivel chairs – Ottoman

Built-in furniture: Kitchen cabinets – Bar/office cabinet – Media unit – Vanity / Mirror with bulkhead – Shower – Entrance closet with Laundry and storage – Concept wall between Kitchen and entrance corridor

Other custom design: Ceiling drop design to add more lighting – Door casing – Cement tile in kitchen and bathroom – Display wall art


The wonderful clients were a professional couple working from home and frequently traveling for work and pleasure. Their home had to be personalized and need to be fast maintenance. As any couple, there is contradiction in the colour and style. Listening intensively at both of them, I could give the character the husband wish with the softness the wife desire. At the end both of them got the comfort they dream after a long trip. My biggest gift from those wonderful clients was when the wife told me: “My guests tell me that when they come to my home, it is like they are entering in a design magazine. It is the same way I feel too!”


Downtown Vancouver, BC

Project over 800 sq ft

About This Project

Rooms to design: Entrance – Kitchen – Dining room – Tea room – Living room – Bedroom – Bathroom

Style: Eclectique – French Provincial – Contemporary

Colour: The client wish to have a romantic, fresh, colourful French feel. White – Pink – Yellow – Raspberry – Aqua – Blue and more…

Custom Furniture

Custom furniture: Sofa – Marocain chair – Pouf – 2 Banquettes – Wood side tables – Bathroom bench – Headboard + bed frame – Lyre chair – All pillows

Built-in furniture: Entrance cabinet – Entrance and laundry closet – Kitchen cabinets – Tearoom paneling and shelving – Media unit – Bathtub/Shower – Wall paneling – Bathroom / Living room sliding door – Shoe closet

Other custom design: Silk flower wall panel – Dry flower with oval antique frame – other floral art


This client was very special. So intense she was on her desires and the details. A lovely single woman who wanted her dream to come true; she wanted to come home as she would be in a dream.

My biggest gift was when she came back from a trip and told me: “I couldn’t wait to come back at home. I like traveling but I love my home”


Downtown Vancouver, BC

Project over 2,000 sq ft

About This Project

Rooms to design: Family room – Living room – Dining room – kitchen

Style: Traditional

Color: Off-white – Oyster – Aqua

Custom Furniture

Custom furniture: Sofa – Ottoman – 2 Armchairs – 2 Swivel chairs – Sectional sofa – Bar stools

All furniture has been customized to the petite size of my client (wife) and comfortable for taller person as husband and guests


This wonderful couple desired to finally have a home and not just a place to live. They moved into this gorgeous condo (already furnished) for few years and never really felt comfortable in their environment. In addition, the wife is very petite and sophisticated and was never able to sit comfortably in any seat at that time. I customized all the seating areas to fit with her petite size always taking into consideration that of the husband and guests body size as well.

Her desire was to have a monochrome home in soft beige and off-white with a nice touch of light sage colour what made her a very calm environment.


Tsawwassen, BC

Project less then 100 sq ft

About This Project

Room to design: Personal bathroom

Style: Art Nouveau

Colour: The colour selection was base on the selection of the quartzite: Colonial mahogany – Gold – Beige – Antique blue

Custom Furniture

Carpet mosaic from Liban – Gold ceiling carved panel – Quartz stone work – Antique restauration / refinishing

Built-in furniture: Vanity – Wall cabinet – Paneling – Step


This client was “vey” exclusive.  This gentleman is an antique collector and I had to work with few pieces that he already owned:  the stainless oval window, door, antique bathtub, gold pendant, wall mounted candle holder and a beautiful Art Nouveau mirror.

A small space to design with so many details and exclusive products.


West Vancouver, BC

Project over 5,000 sq ft

About This Project

Rooms to design: Lobby – Living room – Family room – Dining room – Media room – Master bedroom – Powder room – Wine cellar

Style: Contemporary

Colour: Black – Steel blue/gray – Medium blue/gray – Light blue/gray – White – Walnut wood

Custom Furniture

Custom furniture: High back dining end chairs – Low back dining chairs – Master bedroom bed – Lounge chair

Built-in furniture: Family room fireplace wall – Master bedroom fireplace wall

Other custom design: Unique magnolia wallpaper in master bedroom – All drapery (window covering) – Rugs


This couple came to me with a lot of desire to have an exclusive comfortable, contemporary home. I had to design multiple pieces of furniture for them to fulfil their wishes. They wanted the base colour to flow through their house. I did give more emphasis to some colours in some room and other colours in different rooms to make a distinction and different feelings in each space.

The clients were open to work with very unique products such as per fur, hivernal hair on hide, and silk velvet.


Vancouver, BC

Project over 1,000 sq ft

About This Project

Room to design: Master bedroom – Living room – Dining room – Media room

Style: Urban – Contemporary